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Go game driving and camping there to explore the South Luangwa National Park. Watch impala skip, eland stand, and klipspringer nimbly jump. Revel in the magical park of Africa by enrolling into the Sublime Aerial Safari across Woodland, Delta, and Desert. In short, experience the real safari while encountering with the wild face to face in Zambia national parks. The abundant diversity of wildlife, untouched natural landscapes, and welcoming people add more value to this place.



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Victoria Falls

Victoria falls is a legendary waterfall that impresses all the senses. It has a roar of thunder and feels like hundreds of tons of water droplets are hitting the ground every second. You can not imagine how standing in front of it would feel until you visit it personally. This natural legend deserves to be the first destination of your ultimate Zambia safari.

South Luangwa National Park

One of the natural legends of Zambia is this incredible South Luangwa National Park. This is the place wherein you will get to see one of the wildest species of wildebeests, elephants, and baboons of your life. Go game driving and camping there to explore the park to its fullest. Watch impala skip, eland stand, and klipspringer nimbly jump. Do not forget to experience the ultimate nighttime drive where, beneath the cloak of darkness, you will find that South Luangwa feels like a completely different park.

Luangwa River

Unlike other safaris, melodious sounds from birds would not be the only sound that will wake you up, but the sound of the nearby hippos will make you get up of your bed and jump to the balcony to spot some. Before starting an exclusive game drive to the park, you will enjoy a delectable breakfast followed by a chilled drink that will make your day. Luangwa River Camp is situated in the heart of the park, and the drive can go in many directions depending on your preference. You will have a decent time duration of about 2 to three hours in which you can drive closely to the lodge and can come back for the lunch and the afternoon activity.

Cape Maclear River

Cape Maclear is a place where water glistens, and the morning sun reflects off soft waves created by the breeze. The lake is remarkably blue and absolutely pristine to be witnessed by a human eye. You will find the beach mostly deserted. The soft yellow sand of the beach would be perfect for lounging. Rugged cliffs and hills provide a magnificent backdrop to your pictures. Have fun enjoying the water and the sand altogether at the Cape Maclear lake. There are “n” number of activities that you can do while relaxing at this most beautiful lake of Africa. 

The best time to visit Zambia is during the Dry season, May to October. This is the time when you can spot wild animals at their best. During the Wet season, from November to April, dirt roads in the parks can become impassable, and most parks and camps close down. So, we won’t be recommending you to plan a Zambia Safari during the rainy season. The Mfuwe sector of South Luangwa NP has sandy soil and all-weather roads, making it accessible year-round. Do not forget that Zambia has one of the best waterfalls in the world - the majestic Victoria Falls. If you want to visit it, do plan a Zambia Safari from June through September.


At Zambia, you will find a plethora of accommodation option. From ravishingly luxurious riverside lodges, 5-star hotels, cool tented safari camps, to warm guesthouses, Zambia has everything that will suit your style. Services like self-catering chalets, backpackers, campsites visits, game driving, stay in a houseboat or even a mud hut are available in most of the Zambian accommodations.

Before leaving for your Zambian safari, make sure to pack all travel documents together, including but certainly not limited to flight tickets, passports, visa entries, vaccination certificates, and travel insurance. Make multiple copies of all the documentation and keep them safe in your luggage. A small day-pack is all you need for your travel documents, cameras, and daily necessities.

If you are traveling from an infected area, you must carry a yellow fever certificate along with you. There are some areas where malaria is virulent. However, doctors advise taking prophylactics two weeks before arrival and continuing two weeks after leaving.

The tap water in most of the areas is purified and safe to drink but if you are allergic to contaminated water, do not risk to have it. Keep a couple of bottled water when traveling to remote areas of Zambia. In some areas where you can not access bottled water, always boil the tap water first, except if you’re staying at a lodge or hotel where drinking water is boiled already.

The medical services of Zambia are underdeveloped. The best places where you can find some standard health facilities would be Lusaka, Ndola, and Livingstone. There are a number of small clinics in Lusaka which are better than the general hospitals, but the clinics in the rural areas usually only have the basics. 

If planning to enjoy drinking, make sure you are above 18 years old. According to Law & orders of Zambia, the legal drinking and smoking age is 18, however, it is not heavily enforced. There is a 'Clean Up Zambia' Act which recently has been passed to prohibit public smoking, urinating, sex, bicycle riding in markets, etc. These laws are strongly enforced and there have been foreigners arrested for breaking them. So, make sure you do not offend any of these.

While meeting common Zambian people, a warm handshake with the right hand would be considered a nice gesture. Men and women do not usually express affection openly.  There is little to no physical contact after an initial handshake and many cases women and men will greet one another by standing at a distance and clasping their own hands in front of their chests. So, make sure you do not cross limits. The main objective to meet a stranger should be to show a gratitude not enforcement of your western culture. It would make them uncomfortable.

While Zambian people are quite punctual in business meetings, but sometimes you may find them missing the deadlines. This is precisely because of the dependency on sunrise and sunset which Zambian people tend to follow. They hardly go by the clock. Instead, they prefer to go by the changing position of the sun. Hence, you may find them saying let’s meet after dawn or dinner will be ready after dark. So, while having a normal get together with the Zambian people, it is common for meetings to start 1-2 hours after the time they have been called for. Even public transport do not usually adhere to schedules.  Instead, they wait until being full to leave.

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