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Uganda safari is all about national parks and forests. The more you explore, the less you will feel connected to humans. Explore the largest lake of Uganda - Lake Victoria, imperious mountain gorillas, marauding antelopes, and the adventurous game drives in the national parks of Uganda. The river, the mountains, the wildlife, the ultimate game drive, the exquisite safari sunset cruise on River Nile, and the widespread savannah are some of the highlights that are going to take your breath away.



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Chobe National Park

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You simply cannot miss the elephants in this part of Africa. See them closest to your camp and on the highway roads during the road journey to Botswana. Follow their journey to the forest, see them walking in a herd of hundreds of elephants. Follow the paths to see their daily activities. See how the mother elephant walks side by side to the baby elephant. See them bathing, relaxing, and walking into the forest.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

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Uganda safari is all about national parks and forests. The more you explore, the less you will feel connected to humans. One of such parks is the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where you will get to explore the mammals of the plains,  jagged mountains, the lost waterfalls, the hidden lakes, and the valleys like never before. Do not miss to book a stay Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp which is the only luxury camp available in that area.

Victoria Falls

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Victoria falls is one of the best waterfalls of the world and you will get to see it from the bottom to the top on the day two of your Zimbabwe safari. Once you are done with the morning breakfast, take a self-guided walking trail that runs parallel with the falls. Wander your eyes from a three-seater plane and admire how the Zambezi will pick up speed before disappearing into a canyon that twinkles with exotic colors.

Elizabeth National Park

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No safari is complete without a mesmerizing river canoeing. In the Uganda safari, you will get a chance to experience a beautiful river safari while exploring the Queen Elizabeth National Park. In Uganda. Enjoy a relaxing boat safari that offers sublime encounters with pods of hippos and a chance to admire the wildlife surprise that occurs along the banks of this life-giving waterway. Do not miss to spot unusual antelopes who pass by the river shore to purge their thirst.

Kibale National Park

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Kibale is known for the ultimate Chimpanzee trekking that it offers to all the travelers who want to see them closely. The Chimpanzees are the closest cousins of humans and seeing them from just a few meters away, is a one-of-a-kind experience. You can see one, two, or maybe 40 Chimpanzees at one time. The first hour of your trekking can be heart racing, but after that, you will start admiring the atmosphere and your closest cousins. Chimpanzees will see you, observe you with a strange look, focus on your walk as you are doing it on two legs, get fascinated by the shiny objects you are holding in your hands, and much more. It’s certainly long enough to take plenty of photos, then put the camera down and soak up the atmosphere of the experience.

Semuliki National Park

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Semuliki National Park is a remote national park in the far west of Uganda. It witnesses the existence of forest elephants who are known for creating the walking trails in Semuliki. Since the animal encounters are unpredictable at Semuliki, hence it is the least visited park in the Uganda Safari.

Lake Victoria

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Nothing can be more iconic than the intimate welcome that Lake Victoria offers to its visitors. Spend your first day of Uganda Safari by relaxing on the shores of Lake Victoria. Cruise along the river to witness your first African sunset. As the waters reflect red and yellow, you settle into the enchantment of the continent.

Gorilla Trekking

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Gorilla trekking is all about communicating the giants and the naughty beats. Like Chimpanzees, they try to express and communicate through their eyes. At times, you will feel them coming close to you for a handshake and the moment you decide to capture this moment, they will simply disappear. This is why gorilla trekking is less about clicking pictures and more about sharing a world with them. Enjoy being with them and exploring their routes and following the paw prints.


Uganda is a country with zero access to the sea. It is mostly characterized by a plateau with a rim of mountains. The climate conditions at Uganda are generally rainy with two dry seasons (Dec to Feb, Jun to Aug) and is semi-arid in the northeast. So, if planning to visit Uganda, make sure to plan it during the country’s dry seasons (Jan - Feb, and Jun-Sept). The game viewing activities can be enjoyed better at the end of the dry seasons when wildlife is concentrated around water sources. Avoid a Ugandan safari entirely during the heavy rainfall season (April and May).


There are many lodges and hotels that can give you a luxurious stay in the deep forests of Africa. You will find them at a close proximity to forest and national parks in all the hotels and lodges in Central Africa. So, book one that suits your tour and enjoy being in the lap of mother nature.

If you are a citizen of the US, Canada, and EU, you need not to carry a visa for a Uganda safari. You can stay there for up to 90 days. In other cases, do not forget to fulfill your visa and passport requirements as per the rules before leaving for the safari.

Uganda is not a malaria-free country so, you must take precautions for malaria and other vaccinations. Most of the parts, including Victoria Falls, are prone to malaria and hence, need to be visited only if vaccinated properly. The highest risk of transition is in the rainy season from October to May. So, make sure to get vaccinated before leaving for the safari. Avoid taking taxis without a meter. Avoid unbottled water. Try to avoid late night drives as the road conditions are a lot different from Western countries. Also, don't take photos of government or military buildings and constructions as this is not legit. In short, keep following the instruction from your guide and enjoy a healthy and risk-free Uganda safari.


The official language of the country is English only, so you will not find difficulty in communicating with your hotel staff, guide and maybe some people who come across your way. However, while wandering in the rural areas of Uganda you may find people talking in another language, Luganda. In that case, you must know the basics. You can hire a full-time guide for this. Avoid touching people of the opposite sex in public, it could offend (particularly in busy cities). Be gentle and do not use high pitches while communicating as Uganda people may take it as an offense. Always remember, Uganda is not your own country. You are a traveler who is visiting this place to explore the best of nature. So, do not try to be offensive as it may cause trouble to your visa as well. Listen to your guide and behave properly.

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