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Sao paulo Travel Guide

Sao Paulo is the capital of the Southeastern state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. It is one of the richest cities in Latin America. The city's name was derived in honor of St. Paul. Next to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo has become popular with the tourists because of non-stop activities available such as nightlife, sightseeing, and eating destinations.

The city of San Paulo has a city population of 11.1 million and 22.1 million in the metropolitan area, making this the largest city in Brazil and 6th largest in the world. People from the city proper are known as Paulistanos. Their Latin motto is Non ducor, duco, which means 'I am not led, I lead.' Sao Paulo is also the most ethnically diverse city in Brazil, with 100 different ethnicities living in the city. About 70% of the city's population is White, while 23% are multiracial Brown, and 3.8% are Black.

Sao Paulo experiences a humid subtropical climate. There is an abundant rainfall experiences and is common during the warmer months. Cold mornings and evenings occur during winter, while spring has sunny days. Expect summer to be very hot with occasional rainfall during the day and fall season are usually rainy during the days on the midseason. The average January temperature is 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) while the average July temperature is 58 degrees F (14 degrees C). The average annual rainfall is 53 inches (135 cm).

Since the city of Sao Paulo is very ethnically-diverse city, it has become a major cultural point. There are approximately 62 different types of cuisines and more than 12,000 restaurants available. It is also known for its cultural landmarks such as the Paulista Avenue. Paulista Avenue is the pride of the Paulistanos and the largest business center in the city. The avenue was inaugurated in 1891 and has been compared as New York's Fifth Avenue because of its financial, cultural, and commercial status.

The Banespa Building is a skyscraper with an observation deck located in Sao Paulo. It was used to be highest building in the city until it was surpasses by the Edificio Italia. The building was constructed between 1939 and 1947 and was originally as the Bank of the State of Sao Paulo headquarters. The design of the Banespa Building was inspired by the Empire State Building and the world famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The building comes with an observation deck, which is located on the 34th floor.

Edificio Italia is a 46 story skyscraper located in Sao Paulo and currently its city's second highest building. Built from 1956 to 1965, it houses the Circolo Italiano foundation and Terraco Italia restaurant, which is located on the 44th floor. Tourists can also visit this building for there is a rooftop observation deck open for the public.

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