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Rimini Travel Guide

Rimini is a city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy and is located on the Adriatic Sea. Today, it is a city of Thriving, bustling resort on the Italian Riviera and one of the least pretentious towns in Italy. Rimini is the place where Italians go for the sea and sun. Rimini's population is 134,000, making it the sixth largest populous city in the Emilia-Romagna region. Rimini is also the birthplace of Fellini.

The city of Rimini benefits the hot Mediterranean summers and good amount of sunshine, making it a good spot to enjoying beach lounging. It also enjoys mild weather during the autumn and winter months. Spring months in Rimini are mild while summer is usually hot and dry. The climate is quite warm and favorable from September to November while in December and January, it is relatively mild and humid. The average January temperature is 38 degrees F (3 degrees C) and the average July temperature is 73 degrees F (23 degrees C). The average annual rainfall is 27.1 inches (688.34 mm).

There are lots of tourist spots to see in Rimini and one of them is the Augustus Arch. This arch was built in 27 BC and said to have been built in by the order of the Roman Senate commemorating the Flaminia Road repairs in Italy.

Another known landmark is the Ponte d'Augusto (Tiberius Bridge). This huge, five-arched bridge was began construction under Augustus reign in 14 AD and was completed during the reign of Tiberius in 21 AD and is Rimini's most distinctive landmarks. The bridge connects the city to Borgo San Giuliano and leads to the consular roads Via Emilia and Via Popilia that leads north.

The Templo Malatestiano is a cathedral church in Rimini, dated from the 13th century and was originally a Gothic church. It was rebuild during the 15th century by Leon Battista Alberti and make it as a Renaissance style and turned it into a mausoleum for Sigismondo Pandolfo and his wife.

The Italia in Miniature is one of the most popular theme parks in Rimini which features 270 perfect scale reproductions of Italy's architectural wonders. This tourist spot also has a Science Fun Park, water rides, and puppet shows.

The Federico Fellini Museum is located within Rimini's historical center and is popular within the locals. This museum covers everything about the great film director, Federico Fellini's life and career. It also hosts regular exhibitions of drawings, photographs, and sketches that fascinates its visitors.

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