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Marmaris Travel Guide

Marmaris is a town in Turkey, along the Mediterranean coast in the province of Mugla. It is also a port city and a popular tourist destination, which is the city's main source of income. Mermaris is the major center for sailing and diving, the perfect location for hundred of cruising boaters. The old part of town is a residential area around its popular tourist attraction, the Marmaris Castle.

The town's population is 28,660 as of 2000. Marmaris is a year-round home to many foreigners and welcomes nearly 500,000 people during tourism season. Marmaris has nine sister cities: Guijrat, Pakistan, Monaco, Lezhe, Albania, Kloulklubed, Palau, Liege, Belgium, Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, Sri Lanka, Dzerzhinsk, Russia, L'Aquila, Italy, and Hasroun, Lebanon.

The town's climate is very mild in winter, great holiday weather in spring and autumn and very hot in July and August. Showers and rain are unlikely between May and October. Temperatures in Marmaris range from 40-93 degrees F (4.55-33.95 degrees C). Average annual rainfall for Marmaris can erach to 46 inches (1,181 mm).

Marmaris has busy beaches, lots of bars and restaurants, and plenty of shopping with fabulous bargains the tourists may enjoy. The town also has a busy nightlife with a street devoted to dance music and the entire high tech clubbing scene. One of the most famous attractions in Marmaris is the Marmaris Castle. According to the historian Herodotus, there has been a castle I Marmaris since 3,000 BC and long after, during the Hellenistic Age that Alexander the Great invaded Caria and the castle was besieged. Marmaris Castle was rebuilt from scratch in 1522 by the Ottoman sultan Suleyman the Magnificent for which this was served as a base. The renovation work has been continuing at the castle since 1979 and was converted into a museum.

Another Ottoman building in Marmaris is the Hafza Sultan Kervansaray (caravanserai or travelers inn). In the inscription written on the building, it is slated that the caravanserai was founded in 1545 and is covered with arches on top. The right of the entrance is a narrow street that leads to the castle. The seven small domed rooms of the caravanserai serve as souvenir and gift shops.

The town also offers great inexpensive boat excursion that can take visitors round the bay and to neighboring towns like Icmeler and Turunc with all inclusive food and drinks all day. Marmaris also has two water parks and some resorts that caters British holidaymakers but recently has become popular with Russian and other European visitors.

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