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Dusseldorf Travel Guide

Dusseldorf is a lively provincial capital and the center of the Rhine-Ruhr region in Germany. As the city by the Rhine River, Dusseldorf is famous for its nightlife, carnival, events, shopping, and also for fashion and trade fairs with nearly 100 major shows every year, making it an important business and financial center in Germany. Dusseldorf currently ranks as one of Germany's five global cities. More than 4 million people visit the Kirmes Fair (The Largest Fair on the Rhine) every year.

The city's population is 580,000 with the densely populated Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, with a population over 10 million. About 17% of Dusseldorf's population are foreigners, which is at around 98,000 people and the number of students in Dusseldorf is 25,700. Dusseldorf has the third-largest Jewish community in Germany, with about 7,600 members, or more than 1% of the city's population. The city and its surroundings have the third-largest Japanese community in Europe and the largest in Germany at about 11,000 people.

Dusseldorf has mild winters and moderately warm summers. The average January temperature is 37 degrees F (3 degrees C) and average July temperature is 72 degrees F (22 degrees C). The average annual rainfall is 30 inches (77 cm).

Dusseldorf was largely destroyed during World War II and there are very few old buildings left. The Old Town of Dusseldorf is one of the city's famous attractions. Destroyed nearly completely during World War II, it was rebuilt according to historic plans, which makes it look like a real historical town. Today, the old town is a popular shopping mall and becomes the 'longest bar of the world' at night, serving different kinds of beer. The Old Town is the home of 'Altbier,' a top-fermented, dark beer, that locals says it tastes best at the history brewing houses.

The Promenade on the Rhine bank is one of the most beautiful ones in Germany. It is situated on the right bank because the sun shines on the right side all day long. Many of the coffee shops offer seats outside where tourists can watch and being watched when the weather is fine.

One of Germany's biggest fun fairs is in Dusseldorf. The Kirmes Fair draws more than 4 million visitors every year and it takes place every third week of July on the left bank of the Rhine River. The Kirmes Fair features beer and food tents, amusement park rides, vendors, events, and activities. It is an annual celebration in honor of the city's patron saint, St. Apollinaris of Ravena, and the sanctification of the St. Lambertus Basilika, which is the main Catholic Church in Dusseldorf's Old Town.

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