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Blackpool Travel Guide

Blackpool is a seaside resort town located in the north west of England and it situated along the coast of the Irish Sea. This town rose to popularity as a major tourism destination during the 19th century with over 6 million people visiting Blackpool every year. It was believed that the name Blackpool was originated from a historic drainage channel that ran over a peat bog, discharging discolored water into the Irish Sea, which formed a black pool.

Blackpool has a population of 142,900, making it the fourth-largest in North West England behind Manchester, Liverpool, and Warrington. During the summer months, the population can rise up to three times of its figured population.

The weather in Blackpool is exceptionally sunny during the summer and fairly mild condition during the winter. The coldest months in Blackpool are December, January, and February. Climate conditions are said to be moderate with the wettest months are between September and November while March, April and May are the driest months.

Tourism has been Blackpool's main dependency and visitors from Glasgow make Blackpool their preferred tourist destination. One of the most popular attractions is the Blackpool Tower, which was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris and was opened to the public in 1894. The tower can be seen in most places particularly Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, and Southport.

Blackpool is the only British resort with three piers: the North, South, and Central Piers. The North Pier is the oldest and largest of the three piers in Blackpool. Opened in 1863, this pier's name derives from a fact that it is the northernmost part of the pier and is close to the Blackpool North railway station. The Central Pier is between the North and South Pier and was opened in 1868. This pier is known for its amusement parks and promenade. Some of the Central Pier's attractions are the Trevor Chance's Legends, Central Pier fair, and the Wheel. The South Pier (originally known as Victoria Pier) is loud and enjoyable. It contains a number of amusement and thrilling rides. Opened in 1893, this pier now contains adrenaline-thrilling rides such as Skycoaster (a freefalling swing), Skyscreamer (a reverse bungee ride), Spider Mountain (a multi-storey spiders web), and Maxibourne (an acrobatic, safety harnessed trampoline).

The Pleasure Beach Blackpool is Great Britain's most popular free attraction and the largest fun fair with 6 million visitors a year. It is also one of the top twenty most visited amusement parks in the world. This attraction has eleven roller coasters including the original Roller Coaster and the Pepsi Max Big One, which is Britain's tallest roller coaster ride.

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