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Alanya Travel Guide

Alanya is a city located on the southern coast of Turkey. Formerly known as Alaiye, this resort city is a district of Antalya Province and has been popular among tourists. This city has been known for its stronghold for many Mediterranean-based empires and also the Ptolemaic, Toman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires.

Alanya has a population of 384,949 on the district itself and it was a high surge in its population due to the city immigration and the growth of the housing market. The city has a population of 134,396 of which about 9,700 are from Germany and Denmark and 17,850 foreigners own a property. During the summer season, the population increases due to the large number of tourists visiting the city.

The city's climate is relatively moderate. The Mediterranean Basin ensures that some of the rain comes during winter season, resulting long, hot and dry summers. Because of its close proximity to the sea, with the Taurus Mountain sitting on it, a fog becomes visible and a rainbow shows up every morning. The average temperature of Alanya is 70.5 degrees F (21.4 degrees C) and 82.2 degrees F (27.9 degrees C) in August.

The tourism in Alanya makes up 9% of Turkey's tourism economy and it since the city was once that base of many European empires for years, there were some structures left that tourists can go and visit, one of which is the Red Tower. The Red Tower is Alanya's symbol and was used on the city's flag. The building was completed in 1226 and the name was derived from the more red color brick that the architect Ebu Ali Reha, used in this construction. The Red Tower was one of the great examples of Medieval architecture. It was served as the military's base so that the soldiers can defend themselves.

The Alanya Castle is another historical landmark located in Alanya. The castle was built in the 13th century as part of the building campaign that included the Red Tower and located approximately 250 meters above sea level. Currently, the castle is now an open air museum.

Another famous tourist destination is the Ataturk's House and Museum. Attaturk's house in 1935 after his short stay in Alanya, was preserved and turned into a museum, with the interior well kept and it was opened to the public in 1986. The first floor of the museum showcases Ataturk's personal items, including photos, documents, and a telegram that he sent to the people of Alanya. His room was on the second floor, and also serves as an example of the interior of a traditonal Ottoman villa. It was believed that the house was built between 1880 and 1885.

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