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Cars Travel Guide

After you have made your hotel and flight reservations, do not forget to arrange for transportation. Finding rental cars is often something travelers neglect, especially when it comes to taking care of the matter in advance. It might be tempting to try and use alternative avenues, such as public transportation or borrowing cars from friends or relatives. These are definitely cheaper than rental cars, but they have other disadvantages that make them undesirable. Unless you rely on public transportation all the time, you probably will not want to put up with this method once you arrive at your destination. Depending on where you are going, the buses or subway systems may be very unappealing. They might be unreliable or not take you where you need to go. At the worst, they could be downright dangerous. Paying repeated cab fares are far more expensive than renting cars, so this choice should not be considered a viable option. Borrowing cars from friends and relatives can easily turn into a burden on everyone involved, which is why it is best to avoid an unpleasant experience altogether.

Before you attempt to rent a car, you will need to make sure that you qualify to do so. First off, you must be 25 of years of age or older for insurance reasons to rent most vehicles. There are some companies that will rent certain cars to those under the age of 25, but do not count on this.

If you are under 25, tell the company this information right away so that you can discuss the matter. Younger adults often have to pay higher prices as a way of compensating for insurance costs, so be prepared for this.

Adults over 25 have fewer restrictions when it comes to renting cars. You are still required to have insurance as well as a valid driver's license. Many rental car companies ask for a credit card as collateral, and some do not accept debit cards instead. Be sure to ask about credit cards when you call the outlet.

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